Joy Filled, Authentic Smiles. Timeless Memories.

Outdoor, natural light photography is my absolute favorite for sessions. I want you to come for the fun and leave with happy memories! Due to the ever-changing weather here in Pittsburgh PA, I offer a limited amount of indoor sessions throughout the year as well. Who doesn't LOVE a unique experience with Santa, am I right?

For my popular outdoor sessions, I love the spring flowers and seeing little noses of toddlers take in the fresh scents of the newly bloomed flowers. I watch their little eyes light up as they see a butterfly go by.

Summer and Fall are my favorites too, because that's typically when my Seniors take a stroll through a flower field or stand surrounded by the beauty in the leaves. I make sure to catch a glimpse of their mom as they lovingly look at their senior, wondering how in the world the years went by so fast.

There is something so very special about these fleeting moments in life. There is so much hope in the eyes of a high school or college senior looking forward to the next adventure. There is seeing the spark of joy and hearing the sound of laughter shared in family photos . You can count on me to capture all of these details, no matter how small. How do you envision your session? Your photos should reflect who you are at that moment in time. When you glance on your walls and see your images, my wish for you is that you remember that day with a smile, fullness in your heart and hopefully a few laughs along the way.

The Making of Memories...

What kind of session are you dreaming of? Are we strolling the city streets with the hustle and bustle of everything around us? Or have we found a quiet park that boasts the beauty of our natural surroundings? If you can't decide, I'm here to help! We will have a consultation before our session to decide what fits YOU! These are your memories to be cherished forever and together, we can decide how to make your vision a reality!