A new life coming into the world is ALWAYS a reason to celebrate! This week, I was invited to take newborn photos of baby Nora at home with her loving parents and very excited big sister, Scarlett!

I love taking "lifestyle" photos because it truly emanates a day in the life of a family. I am in their home, in their surroundings and capturing true memories of what life is like when a new baby comes home.

Let me begin by saying that Emilee looked beautiful. She was stunning in her blue dress and it was hard to guess that this gorgeous lady gave birth 5 days prior to this session!! She was adorable while pregnant as well, but there was a certain glow to her this week. Nora was born happy, healthy and was finally in her arms!

Newborn photos are best done in the first 10-14 days after birth because babies are usually the most cooperative and sleepy during those early days. Baby Nora was the absolute BEST!! She was happy to be snuggled by her mom, dad and sister but also equally content to be placed in a basket surrounded by flowers. I love taking close up photos from all angles because those tiny feet and hands will not stay tiny for very long. I want her parents to remember these moments forever because they are so very fleeting. I want them to remember how it felt to snuggle that tiny baby on their shoulder. I want them to remember how small her tiny newborn hand fits into the "still" small hand of her big sister.

Scarlett has certainly taken her role of big sister with love, care and excitement. She is a big helper to her parents and very loving to her new baby sister. She was MORE than enthusiastic about cuddling and watching over Nora and making sure everything was just right for the photos. She answered the door with a HUGE smile and said "It's time for photos!" I couldn't have been happier at her excitement as I walked into their gorgeous sunroom. Photos with the little ones can be quite challenging sometimes. Kids are not meant to stay still and want to move and groove which is what brings those photos to life! Letting kids take the lead sometimes is what makes them the most fun. Their true personalities shine! I have to say, that morning was the absolute BEST!! Scarlett was loving the prop flowers that I brought for her to use and really played with them to her full advantage. But she sure made my job easy when I get to focus on a sweet face like hers! She knows how to use the sunlight to add a beautiful shine to her beautiful little personality!

Have I mentioned I LOVE lifestyle photos? Because I LOVE lifestyle photos! I want them to be a fun, stress free time for parents and kids. I send an experience guide especially designed for a newborn experience so that parents know what to expect. It's hard enough to transition to life with a new baby so I do not want them to worry about their photo session. I hope this family knows what a true dream they were to work with. Every minute spent with them was so fun!

One of my favorite parts of this session was the genuine laughs. Posed photos are important but there is something so special about the candid smiles from an impromptu "daddy-daughter dance" in the sunroom with plenty of hugs afterwards. There is something so beautiful about the way a mom cradles a newborn into her arms and lovingly closes her eyes to take it all in. I hope to create memories so that when a photo is hanging on their wall, a family can look back and say "Remember when..." and think about a memory from the photo session. Emilee, Dave, Scarlett and Nora definitely made some amazing memories that day. And when Nora is old enough, I'm sure Scarlett will tell her ALL about it (and why a few of her fingers were covered in green paint)!! Congratulations Emilee, Dave and Scarlett on this perfect little addition to your beautiful family!