A Quinceanera to Remember

Quinceanera portraits on a beautiful summer evening? Sounds like magic, right? It WAS magic and then some!! A quinceanera is rooted in Latin culture as a girl celebrates her journey to adulthood at her 15th birthday. Isabella is looking forward to celebrating with her family and friends this month. There will be music, dancing, food and a TON of fun! Her smile will light up the room the minute she enters. We had the BEST session filled with smiles, laughter and music. Let's just say I have a new love of Shakira!

Mellon Park, Pittsburgh, PA

When Isabella's mom Kirsten and I were planning her portraits, many locations came up in conversation. But one that always sticks out in my mind is Mellon Park near Shadyside. It's a beautiful location with so much variety. It's "city chic" meets "quiet gem." From some viewpoints, an urban background can be seen for those that like the modern look. On the other hand, for Isabella's session, we focused on the flowers and the fountain and the stone walkways because the focus absolutely needed to be on HER! The beauty that surrounded her was just an added bonus.

Pretty in Pink

I had not seen Isabella's dress prior to our session and I couldn't wait so see her. When she got out of the car, I was blown away by her sheer beauty!! The beautiful light pink color with beading and sparkles made her skin glow. I had to chuckle at the fact that she wore her sneakers under the dress. But that totally meant that she and her mom read my style guide! In my guide, I include tips like giving yourself special treatment like hair, having makeup done (thank you to Natalie Gentile for the makeup!) and having nails painted as a special touch. These details really DO make a difference! I also include tips on making it thru the session by wearing flat shoes in between poses as we walk along the ground on location. Isabella's dress covered her shoes the whole time so she was focused and ready for fun!

Beautiful at 15

As we walked and talked, I learned Isabella is far beyond the typical "teenager." She is well spoken, genuine and kind. She has a fun energy that just makes people want to be around her. Isabella plays field hockey and judo. She has recently become a summer intern at ACMS (Allegheny County Medical Society) and is writing her own blog posts (I will share the link to her first one below)!!

One of my favorite things about photographing teenagers is their level of energy. As the session went on, she was more enthusiastic with each pose! Her smile was real and energetic and she ended the session dancing near the fountain to Shakira (I had music playing on my phone...I'm not even sure that's what the cool kids listen to but she went with it!!).

I hope the memories of that evening stay with Isabella for a long time. I hope that she continues on into young adulthood with the energy that she had tonight. I can see her doing great things as she is a great example for younger girls!