Beautiful Girls, Beautiful Smiles

Have you ever done a photo session with friends? If not, I highly suggest it!! I had the pleasure of working with three best friends and the session was nothing but smiles and laughs the whole time!! They showed up looking beautiful in their gorgeous fuchsia outfits that coordinated SO well together. Mallory, Hannah, and Luccia are a trio that can share laughs, hopes and dreams and FUN!

teenage girl with pink dress standing in flowers
teenage girl in flower field with pink romper
teenage girl standing in colorful flower bed with pink dress

The Gardens at Hartwood Acres

For this summer session, we chose to go to Hartwood Acres. Hartwood is known for the mansion and cobblestone walkways that surround it's beauty and rich history. There are many acres of green grasses and woods. We focused our session in the garden because these lovely ladies looked so beautiful in pink that the flowers complimented them more than they know!

I loved their enthusiasm for the session because they encouraged each other without realizing it! Their laughs were contagious! As we worked our way through the poses, we occasionally had to add some "fun" ones in there.

They will have memories to last a VERY long time. I could have stayed there ALL night photographing Hannah, Mallory and Luccia. They brought an energy that could have only been felt by being in their presence that evening. I love showing clients the back of my camera as we progress through the session and they got more excited with each photo saying "I LOVEEEEE it!!!" My heart melted knowing that I'm giving these ladies memories to commemorate the here and now of their friendship. I have a feeling they will remember the fun they had for years to come!

three teenage girls standing in flower field dressed in pink with sun setting
three teen girls walking in flower garden with pink outfits
three teen girls having fun with photos at hartwood mansion
three teen girls posing at hartwood acres mansion

An Evening with Friends...

Spending the evening with Hannah, Mallory and Luccia has inspired me to want to do a "girls night photo" session with my own friends. It's so important to celebrate friendship! When you find those true friends who love you and support you, it's worth documenting in more ways than just a selfie! Get dressed up! Put on some fun shoes! Get your hair and makeup done!! TAKE the photo!! Then go out for a nice dinner after since everyone looks and feels beautiful!

three teen girls dressed in pink sitting on walkway at hartwood acres
three teen girls sitting on pavement with archway behind them
teen girls dressed in pink sitting on stairs at hartwood acres mansion