They have a love for hockey. They have a love for Pittsburgh. They have a love for PITTSBURGH HOCKEY. How amazing is it that Carly and Anthony both chose to wear their Crosby jerseys and his number happens to be their wedding date? Coincidence? I don't think so! It was meant to be in so many ways! Carly and Anthony are such a fun couple and I had the best time with them right before Christmas for their engagement photos! They chose the North Shore and Point State Park and we got some AMAZING shots! They are complete naturals in front of the camera!

There were a few bumps along the way, including me missing a turn for Point State Park and going 15 minutes out of our way because you know, one wrong turn in Pittsburgh and it's over, dodging the geese and their "stuff" ALL over the sidewalks, and of course the cold weather. Once we arrived at the park though, they were more than willing to trudge through snow, ice and mud to get that perfect shot because they had all that extra time in the car staying warm after my wrong turn! These memories in the making will be a great story for their grandkids someday! I told them, "well at least there won't be snow on your wedding day"! Fingers crossed that 2021 won't throw any more craziness their way!

2020 was certainly challenging enough in so many ways. But do you know what's amazing about Carly and Anthony? Their love, commitment and excitement wasn't going to stop them from planning the wedding of their dreams. I have known Carly for awhile and when she asked me to photograph their big day, I felt so honored (and of course ecstatic as well!). We talked a lot before their engagement because the happy couple knew they wanted to get married and knew that with all of the cancelled weddings of 2020, they had to act fast to secure vendors. But Anthony hadn't actually proposed yet. I asked her if she wanted to wait until spring for their engagement photos but she was eager to schedule, even in winter weather. Why? Because Carly is amazingly efficient and has almost all of the wedding plans in motion. What she didn't know was that I KNEW that Anthony was planning on proposing.

I knew that Anthony was planning on proposing on November 15 at Pub 333 in Oakmont because that was the one year anniversary of their first date. My sister, who is good friends with Carly spilled the beans and encouraged me to just go with it when Carly reached out to me. I'm glad Carly and I only had phone conversations because it would have been SO HARD to contain my excitement about the surprise if I had seen her in person!!

I wish I could have been there to see the look on Carly's face when Anthony popped the question. I can only imagine her excitement and what must have been going through her mind when she showed up to dinner on their one year anniversary, not expecting anything other than a quiet dinner and a reflection of the last year. In my opinion, surprise proposals are the best! They are so memorable and allow the couple to really live in the moment and remember those sweet moments forever.

I can't wait to celebrate with them in August. The love they share will truly shine that day! Their smiles are enough to light up a room. Their laughter is contagious and I feel SO honored to capture the joy of their wedding day!! Congratulations Carly and Anthony!!!