The Beauty of Pittsburgh...

Helayna is another gorgeous Aquinas Senior that I had the joy of photographing last Sunday morning!! I spoke with her mom, Denise on the phone a few weeks ago and we decided that Oakland, specifically the University of Pittsburgh's campus would be the best place to capture her senior photos.

The weather was not looking promising that day but I checked the radar every few minutes and we gave it a chance and I'm SO glad we did!! Helayna showed up with a huge smile and said "I love fall weather! This makes me happy!" So there were very few "giggle at the camera" moments where she didn't truly mean it!

The Beauty of a Senior...

The more seniors I capture this season, the more I fall in love with these sessions. Seniors are so vibrant and full of life. I love their sense of adventure when doing these photoshoots and this one was no different!

I will be the first to admit my sense of direction is terrible. I even went to Pitt for a year and it's been years since I've had to walk around Oakland. Thank goodness Denise works on campus as an interior designer and knows ALL the sweet spots!! Of course we started at the iconic Cathedral of Learning, right in the heart of Oakland. We walked around the grounds and Helayna and I both were mesmerized by the beautiful architecture surrounding us. How often I spent running from class to class and never took the time to really take in the beauty.

Helayna's first outfit was a dress so beautiful for fall. The natural stone reflected so beautifully on her already gorgeous face!! I know that Helayna lights up a room wherever she goes with her sparkly personality. She is smart and positive and truly fun to be around. She is such an accomplished young woman at such a young age. Helayna is so excited to attend Pitt for chemical engineering and her mom has faith that she will choose a career that will change the way we value food. I certainly hope she does!! She also excels at the cello and plays in an orchestra here in Pittsburgh. Her dedication to music and learning is something to inspire others!

The Beauty of Our Surroundings....

After we walked around the Cathedral, Helayna changed into a fabulous blue dress with a super fun hat! Not many people (aka me) can pull off the hat "look" but this girl ROCKED IT!!!! We made sure to get plenty of photos at the fountain. One of my favorites is her standing on the brim of the water (neither one of us fell in!) with the Cathedral in the background.

Some of my other favorite shots were of Helayna while playing her cello. I don't even think she realized that complete strangers stopped to listen to her beautiful music. Helayna, you have a gift and it's amazing!

Helayna is such a proud lover of Pittsburgh that I am SO excited for her to experience college life here in her hometown!! I hope we keep in touch over the years because I want to get that SAME photo of her standing in front of the University of Pittsburgh Sign four years from now, as a new college graduate. Helayna, I know your future is so promising and I can't wait to heal all about it over a butter beer latte!