Senior 2022!!

Senior photos are SUCH a special thing to do!! These photos capture the fleeting moments right before adulthood seems to just "happen." For the parents, they most likely bring a flood of memories from preschool photos, middle school photos and just random fun photos from childhood. I see a lot of the senior "challenges" online where the parent showcases a photo for 10 days of the their senior. Seeing those photos of Katelyn from when she was so small and now seeing her for her senior photos, it made the session that much more special.

Show those Smiles!

I LOVE photographing seniors!!! The girls are usually super excited and super energetic and the guys always put forth a good effort because while this may not be on the top of their priority list, they know in their hearts it will make their mamas happy and that is so sweet!

Before the session, I send over my "Senior Experience Guide" for the parents and senior to help them plan their session. It includes helpful tips like outfit choices, location choices, and what to expect before, during and after the session. My clients mean the world to me and it's so important for me to prepare and educate them so that they have a stress free, fun experience with happy memories when they leave!

Now...back to the star of the show!!

Mellon Park...

I met Katelyn and her family last fall when her mom, Emma booked me for family photos in North Park. We had such a fun night and I have continued to keep in touch with them so of course I was thrilled when Emma asked me to take Katelyn's senior photos!!

We thought all about the fun places to go in and around Pittsburgh and Katelyn's choice was Mellon Park near Shadyside. I had never been there but WOW!!! It did not disappoint!!! It had everything we could have ever wanted for a photo session. From the urban views to the quiet walkways to the flowing fountain, Mellon Park has a hidden beauty all of it's own right inside the city!!

Katelyn looked beautiful in her first outfit. The green jumpsuit made her hair and skin glow. And I mean, you can't go wrong with a jumpsuit!! She is a girl after my own heart! Katelyn is such a natural at posing that I kept telling Emma that she is making my job easy!

Stunning Beauty!

We laughed, we talked, and truly enjoyed being in the moment and taking in all of the beautiful surroundings that Mellon Park has to offer. We chatted about high school- the fun, the challenges, the magic moments and Katelyn's plans for the future. As we made our way around the park, Katelyn's excitement over trying any pose really set the tone for the whole session. When she changed into her white dress, the smile never left her face. She looked STUNNING!! The sun shone down on her hair and right onto her dress illuminating her with a dreamy glow. It was the perfect day!

When looking at these images, it looked as if we were just strolling through the park on a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon. It's a place that just draws you in to sit and enjoy nature or just read a good book. You would never guess that as we made our way into quiet corners, basking in the light of the setting sun that over 100 homecoming kids were dressed up and taking photos everywhere.

And then we got some bonus images...because what senior session wouldn't be complete without the tree photo? I feel like it's some sort of right of passage to lean against a tree! We just HAD to get the obligatory "tree photo" and it was obviously meant to be because it matched her dress so well!!

Living in the Moment...

I always encourage the seniors to have a "dress up" outfit and a casual one as well that suits their personality. Katelyn looked very chic and stylish in her casual clothes...she is a true natural at photos!

Capturing Katelyn's senior photos was such a joy! I hope she loved the time together as much as I did and looks back on these photos with a smile. Best of luck to Katelyn this year as she plans for her future. She is beautiful. smart, kind, and destined to do great things!!!