Well... my last senior session of the the season was amazing and it was absolutely my most adventurous one! I tried my hardest to keep up with Lizzie! She is so athletic and agile...I am not...lol!

She just leapt from rock to rock while we were in the stream and took the hillside like it was no big deal- TWICE! But the photos that we captured were SO worth it! The scenery just seemed to fit right in with Lizzie's personality. She loves the outdoors and Fall Run Park gave us a great opportunity to wander and to talk about school, friends, and holiday plans.

As we walked and talked, I learned that Lizzie is a multi-sport athlete. She plays a little bit of everything including basketball, soccer, field hockey and lacrosse. Her heart is in field hockey and lacrosse and at the end of this post, you will get to see her in some actions shots! She braved the cold to wear the uniforms that make her proud to play!

As we started to walk the trail leading to the beautiful waterfall, we sought out the areas with the most beautiful colored leaves. We would occasionally stop, snap a few shots and continue on, only to find even MORE fall colors in the trees ahead. The beauty and quietness of the park was something to marvel in that day. There were very few other people out that day but that was definitely a plus for us!! We got to take our time and really enjoy the surroundings! Lizzie, I really enjoyed our time together and learning about you!

When we made it to the waterfall, Lizzie took off down the hillside and was so eager to capture some photos here....literally jumping in the water! I love her enthusiasm for anything! I decided against my better judgment to take a different path back up the hill because it was so muddy. That new path led me to having to awkwardly climb over the railing on the stairs to get back to our starting point. She gets major props for not laughing at me! Well at least it was good practice because we went right back down there again to get some more in a new outfit. Lesson learned for the next climb up the hill!!

I love getting to know the seniors as we walk around the location. It helps me to choose poses and backgrounds based on our short time together that really fit the senior's personality. It's really important to me to make a genuine connection with each one and not just be there to snap away and say "stand here" or "stand there." I want senior photos to be a positive memory that they and their families can look back on and smile. It's a really fun time in a senior's life as he or she gets ready to transition to something completely new and out of their element. I love capturing those feelings and emotions!

On our way back to the trailhead, we talked about high school life and I'm excited for Lizzie's next steps. She has some ideas lined up for business school next fall and I can't wait to hear which school she decides to attend. With her kindness, enthusiasm and intelligence, she will succeed in whatever life throws at her. Lizzie, I wish you luck for the remainder of your senior year and I know you will reach for the stars and work hard at whatever you want to accomplish in life!