My "WHY"

For those of you that do not know me, I am a Pittsburgh native, wife, boy mom, RN, and lover of all things related to the beach . In fact, I wish I was there now as I sit here and write on this cold, gray, February day! I am not a brand new photographer but I am new to website design, blogging and let's just say all things technical. So, if you're still with me, THANK YOU for supporting me as I try many new things in 2020!

I guess I can say that I have always loved taking photos. As I look back through high school and college photos, I have very vivid memories of times with friends and can re-live so many of those good times JUST by looking at a photo. Photos have a way of taking us back into the moment of an ordinary day or a very special time.

Fast forward to 17 years of marriage, vacations, and two little humans who complete our family. We have so many happy times to remember but a few years ago, I thought to myself, I need a better camera. I need to take some classes. I felt such a strong desire to document all of these important times in our lives. So I bought a point and shoot camera, then a few years later upgraded to a nicer DSLR . And from there, my second career was born!! I wanted to learn as much as I could and every day is a new chance to learn and to grow. I have taken a deep dive into the business side of things, hence adding a website instead of just a facebook page.

If you take a look at my bio photo on my website and the photo shown above, these mean the absolute world to me. As I learned about creating a website, I knew that I needed a new headshot. I was going to hire a another professional photographer but my 7 year old son asked if he could take it. I thought...sure buddy! And then I would just go ahead and hire the professional anyway the next week. So I set the camera, got him a chair, and handed him my camera. It took a LONG time to get two photos. It took a lot of teaching on my part on where to stand, how to hold the camera etc. But you know what? These photos certainly aren't perfect but his heart was in it. He wanted to SERVE ME. He WANTED me to succeed with creating my website. He wanted to HELP. This is exactly what I want for my business. I want to serve others, I want to give them memories to cherish forever, and I want to empower my clients through education.

If I can start a business learning all of this "tech stuff", you, my friends can do whatever you set your hearts to do! You know those things you've always wanted to do? You should go do them!!

Our Story

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