July 20, 2020

Caitlin and Bill's Engagement Session at Hartwood Acres

A New Start to a Happy Life...

When Caitlin inquired with me about her upcoming wedding, I secretly hoped she would book me!! Not just because I love to photograph weddings (because I truly do) but because her enthusiasm over the phone about her relationship and wedding is EXACTLY what I wish for in my clients!! Her over-the-moon excitement made me so happy and I couldn't wait to get to know this couple more!! We talked on the phone for a bit and set a date for engagement photos. I gift my couples engagement photos for a few reasons, but mostly so that we can get to know each other before the wedding day.

We met at Hartwood Acres and it was a gorgeous, but HOT night! The sun was just starting to lower in the sky and the flowers lit a colorful background for the start of our session. Caitlin and Bill spent most of their time laughing and snuggling with each other which made my job even easier!! With their chemistry, I would have NEVER guessed that they hadn't had any professional photos taken together before!

Their story...

As we made our way around the mansion grounds, we talked and laughed and I got to know a little bit about their story. It is a little similar to the story of my husband and I so I felt an even bigger connection with them (not to mention they are a new blended family with two boys ages 8 &3 and they are happy to call Caitlin "mommy").

Caitlin and Billy met online (after they both had long term failed relationships). They realized they shared a lot of experiences from their past, and in time, they realized that those key elements are what brought them together the most. Billy thought that Caitlin was "out of his league" and jokes about it. Caitlin is grateful that she has someone that "truly appreciates" her and the genuine smile on her face and sweetness in her voice shows that they are a match made to be. They show such a kindness toward one another that is so sweet to witness through my lens.

Ok...back to the story....they met at a local bar on September 27, 2019 and hit it off immediately. They actually took a spontaneous trip to Kennywood that very night!! If you're reading this and you're a "Pittsburgher", there is something about a night at Kennywood and the nostalgia that it brings to heat up a date night!

Their life officially started together when Billy and his boys moved in with Caitlin in December 2019 after Billy picked Caitlin up from the airport from a family vacation to Disney. December is such a special time for them so of course, they planned their wedding around such a fun time of year (insert love of plaid here for the holiday season!) And PLEASE check out her shoes!!!

The Proposal...

A trip to the Smokey Mountains? Yes Please!! In June of 2020, Billy surprised Caitlin 400 feet above the mountains at the Space Needle with a beautiful ring and the question of a lifetime, "Will you be my wife"? Right after the proposal was a rainbow that illuminated the sky....it doesn't get any more perfect than that!

Looking Forward to December...

Caitlin and Billy are seriously the sweetest couple in so many ways. I mentioned that their wedding day is my husband's birthday and without even batting an eye, she said "Bring him to the wedding! And the kids too!" Apparently, there are going to be a few extra "guests" at the wedding...I won't mention any names but one of them will be flying a sleigh a few days later.

I am so grateful that Caitlin found me though a client referral and I am so excited to love and serve them on their wedding day. I'm glad they found the happiness that they both truly deserve and can't wait for December!!