Another fall day equaled another fun senior session!! I met Cody for the first time when he pulled up to his senior session in his burnt orange (I'm sure a teenage guy might call it a different color!) new-to-him car. I knew this would be so fun!!

Senior guys having their photos taken and being less than excited is nothing new. As soon as we exchanged introductions, I said "Look, I know this isn't your idea of excitement but let's get them done. You know these are for your mom, right?" And with a hint of a smile, he said "I know." Then I said, let's make this as quick and painless as possibly and MAYBE even throw in a little bit of which his smile got even bigger knowing I wasn't going to have him there for hours on end!

We agreed to start at Marshall Island in North Park because Cody enjoys the outdoors, especially fishing. He may even go to school and specialize in something like being a park ranger or in forestry! He let me in on a few little secrets about the fish in here in North Park and some places that we may find some good ones if we take the boys fishing. Marshall Island really is a great place for photos because of the variety and scenery that it offers, especially when the fall colors are at their peak.

As we walked around the island, Cody gave me the BEST tip and I have to share it! As he was walking away, he said, "I should tuck my shirt in the front so it's not so bulky in the back." GENIUS MOVE!! And it made all the difference!! I will use this tip for every senior guy from now on!!!

The second part of our session was near the boathouse in North Park. There is a little section by the stream that is just perfect when the sun hits it just right. As we walked around, we talked about the future and Cody's plans. He is genuinely a nice guy with such a warm, fun personality. He even agreed to a photo with his mom, Jaime. I can only HOPE that when our boys are seniors, they will take ONE photo with me (smiling of course)!!

Cody, I wish you all the best for the rest of your senior year. I hope you find the career that is calling you because whatever you choose, you will succeed!! You're not afraid to have fun, be yourself and let your kind personality shine through. That is a great combo of traits to have and I know you will do WONDERFUL things!!!