It's Photo Season!

I think I've been writing "it's almost photo season" for the last month...HOPING that the weather turns to blue skies, sunny days and temperatures over 60 degrees! Fingers crossed, that season will soon be upon us!! In the meantime, as you plan for photos this year, I wanted to offer some insight to the different types of sessions that I offer.

I often get questions about the difference between a full session and a mini session. Read on to find out more info and what might suit your family the best!

Full Session

A full session is up to one hour of photos on a date of your choice at a location of your choice. This is best for senior photos or families who would like a little longer than the mini session that I offer. We will have a phone consult before the session to discuss the best locations, outfit choices and I will give you general info about what to expect before, during and after the session.

There is a session fee which includes the pre session consult, the session, and soft proofing of your gallery. No digitals or prints are included and are purchased separately at your ordering appointment.

Once the session is booked, you will receive a PDF "Client Experience Guide" and I will help you every step of the way in planning a fun, memorable session for you to treasure forever!

I want to offer my clients a more personalized experience. For the last few years, I have edited the galleries and sent the digitals via online gallery. I'm shifting my business over to a new model. As much as digitals provide memories, wouldn't it be nice to have tangible, beautiful images of those you love most on your walls instead of just stored on your computer?

I am so excited to offer albums, canvases, prints (that may be framed) and wood art. As part of my services, I will help you decide not only WHAT to print, but also how to arrange them in your home!

Mini Session

Photographers define "mini sessions" in many different ways. For me, what I've found to work best for minis is a set of back to back sessions offered on a specific date, at a specific location, in 15 minute increments. Often times, they are themed such as "Mommy and Me", "Sunflower", "Red Truck", "Fall" and "Santa." I offer them at least a month in advance so that families have time to plan accordingly.

These are best for families who may not have time for a full session or who love the specifics of the themes mentioned above! For example, I offered Santa Minis for the first time in 2021. They were AMAZING. Santa was so interactive with the kids and they each had a full 15 minutes where they got to personally interact with him and not be rushed. I can't wait to offer them again!! Keep an eye out because booking will begin in October for those!

A frequently asked question about minis: "With the time being so short, will you still be able to get all of the shots we are hoping for?"

My answer....ABSOLUTELY!!! I have a very specific shot list planned for mini sessions. Because my sessions are mostly child led, we may do them in different orders but yes...we will get them all!!

These sessions are booked and paid for in advance. With the session fee, you will receive 1 digital image and 3 prints of your choice. You will have the option to upgrade to a larger package after the session. Again, I will help you every step of the way to make sure you have beautiful, timeless images to treasure forever! You will also receive my "Client Experience Guide" and emails with reminders and tips leading up to the session day.

I typically don't have ordering appointments after mini sessions (unless requested) but I will bring samples of my wall art and albums that you will be able to see on the session day.

If you have any more questions about what type of session might be right for you, please reach out to me via my contact form below. I am so excited for the next few seasons to be filled with love and laughter as I capture moments for you to last a lifetime. I can tell you from my personal experience, I absolutely love looking at our own family photos on our walls. It is a gentle reminder that every day is a blessing and how quickly our boys are growing. I want your kids to be able to page through a keepsake album years after the photos were taken and say to you "Remember this day? Remember when (insert funny story here) happened?" I want you to to hold that album or look at the canvas on the wall and have it take you back to that very day.

My passion isn't just taking the photos. My passion is in everything that comes after. Reliving real memories that can be held and shared and looked back on with a smile. I look forward to serving your family or high school senior soon!!