Fall is Here!

I have to start by saying that I cannot get enough of these senior sessions!! Each one brings me more joy and fun! When Jillian's mom, Eileen contacted me to book, we had the best conversation over the phone and I couldn't wait to meet them both. Jillian's wish was to have the photos taken in a sunflower field. We weren't able to secure a field that was available in time for the flowers to still be in bloom, but things ended up working out for a reason. Together, we talked about other options and North Park seemed to be a good alternative for the variety of landscape that is offered. Phone or email consultations are so important to me to make the photo session an experience that both the senior and the parents enjoy. North Park couldn't have been a better choice!!

Sunflowers Anyway...

When we met at our location, I knew the session was going to be so amazing because Jillian looked so beautiful!! Her dress added the perfect pop of color to the changing seasonal colors of the nearby meadow and trees. She even brought along a bouquet of sunflowers that we used to add that extra special detail to the session. But what I REALLY loved was that she was brave enough to wear heels and I promised her those shoes would be SO worth it! Walking up and down the rocks and through the brush may not exactly been her idea of Wednesday morning fun, but she was SUCH a good sport!! Can you tell that I get really excited on locations that I love?

As we walked along and made the most of the location, we talked about her playing field hockey for Aquinas and her future college plans. I really like to get to know the senior as we progress through the session so that I choose poses that are "just right" for his/her personality. I wanted Jillian to feel comfortable to trust me that the end result would be amazing! She probably left that session with "feels weird, looks great" stuck in her head because I said it a hundred times. If you've worked with me before, you know what I mean when I say that phrase! But I love that Jillian trusted me, even when the posing felt awkward. Every few shots, I showed her the back of the camera (so that she knew I wasn't completely crazy!) and seeing her face light up and saying "that's so pretty" made me melt!!

Growing Up...

I love hearing about the challenges of today's high school seniors as well as their hopes and dreams of the future. The fact that she wants to study the science of rare health disorders and possibly become a doctor makes me feel confident that she will do great things. When I learned the backstory of WHY she wants to do this, it's absolutely heartwarming. Not only do I love seniors "in the moment" at their session, but also when their moms show me photos from childhood. It helps me to paint a picture of how she grew up and came to be the person she is today. I know as a mom of younger kids, that when I look back at photos of when our boys were babies, I stand in awe and wonderment that the years can go by so incredibly fast. I know Eileen didn't expect the years to fly by as they have. I know that when she took those photos of her girls in the early years of preschool or grade school she wasn't thinking about the moment that she would proudly be sharing them with the girl taking her eldest daughter's SENIOR photos. Nope, I know she wasn't thinking about that when she was living in the moment back then. Back when Jillian was 4 years old. But that's the beauty in photos. They take you back. They take you back to a time that is now a memory that can easily be re-lived for the innocent beauty that it was. Jillian, I loved taking your senior photos and hope you look back on them with happy memories. I hope you know how amazing you are and I wish you the best with the rest of your senior year!!