Starla is 4!

I have had the pleasure of photographing this adorable family since Starla was a newborn baby. Jeremy and Gretchen were actually one of my first clients when I was just starting out. They knew when Starla was born that they wanted to keep capturing these precious moments of her growing up as much as possible. They booked quarterly sessions throughout the first year and then at least yearly after she turned one.

It has been such an honor watching this sweet girl grow from a teeny newborn to a busy toddler to a preschooler.

Family photo walking toward camera, girl looking at mom
family walking toward camera, focus on four year old girl holding parents hands
family walking toward camera, girl looking at dad

Planning a family session

I love working with this family so much for so many reasons! For one, we ALWAYS have great conversations and good laughs! They are so easy going and fun and that really sets the tone for a great session! Gretchen (although she won't admit this) is a pro at planning. She always has a great idea for a location and we have been to some unique places over the last few years that have led to beautiful settings. And of course, she always has the perfect outfits planned. I know that she puts a lot of time and effort into making sure she and Starla look their best from the dress, the shoes, the jewelry, all the way down to the hair accessories (which Starla now proudly wears in her hair)! Jeremy always looks his best too but as a tip, I always encourage the mom to choose her outfit first and plan the rest of the family around her colors and style. Another tip that has been super helpful for cute photos- having dresses that twirl or swish let me get some action photos of just having fun!

four year old girl twirling in pink dress
four year old girl portrait
four year old girl with her mom in matching dresses

Just having fun!

One of my favorite part of family sessions is watching kids have fun in the environment. I love to just follow with my camera and observe the awe in exploration as I click away. Often times, those turn out to be the best memories. Starla has such a great personality and she really warmed up to the camera this time! She showed me her cute poses, she always had a smile and she loved exploring the flowers, leaves and fish at the park.

Keeping the session lighthearted is one of the best ways to get genuine smiles and cooperation from kiddos. Gretchen and Jeremy just go with the flow and in between our "posed" photos, we break up the time with some fun candids. Bringing along some fun props can work wonders as well. My "assistant" Ethan was my "bubble guy" and he kept Starla busy with chasing bubbles.

I truly love watching Starla grow into such a fun little person. Each passing year brings more joy and fun. This is why I love doing what I do. The memories that this sweet family is making are theirs forever. They get to freeze time, even if only for a moment. Starla- I wish you another year of happiness and I can't wait to see you again!!

little girl smelling a purple flower in garden
girl in pink dress with bubbles
girl in pink dress in flower garden
mom and young daughter in pink dresses
family photo sitting on rocks with four year old
dad holding daughter