Meeting Jeff and Liz last fall when their kids helped model for my Christmas minis was such a blessing. One, because their adorable kids ROCKED that model session and made my job so easy! Two, I had the chance to photograph them again when they asked me to come to their home for a family session and headshot session to promote Jeff's advertising business Ethic Advertising.

As soon as I arrived, I was greeted at the door by Jameson who was so excited saying "time for photos!" My heart leapt a few beats at his sweet little voice!! Liz and Quinn were upstairs getting ready so I took a few minutes to get some test shots to make sure the lighting was perfect. It wasn't hard because their family room is a photographer's dream with natural light streaming through the surrounding windows.

Jameson offered to be my subject while I did some test shots, how in the world could I resist that face?? The test shot ended up being one of my FAVORITES of him!! He is so happy-go lucky and he smiled and smiled until it was time to start his dad's photos. Then Jameson became my "helper" and wanted his dad to smile like he did!

Jameson got to take a little break as we focused on Jeff's photos for an upcoming magazine! We talked beforehand about what his vision was for his photos and I wanted to do my very best to bring that to life for him. His company is an innovative advertising agency that he built from the ground up, fulfilling his college dream to have his own agency. Jeff is successful, he is a family man and just an overall nice guy! Check out his website to find out more about what he does at!

When Liz and Quinn joined us to do the family photos, Quinn was just as ecstatic as her brother! She was curious with questions and happy to pose or just dance around the room with Jameson. They were both so eager to just snuggle up with their parents on the couch. I love lifestyle sessions because I get a glimpse into their lives for a bit. They welcomed me to make myself at home and I just started snapping, catching smiles and laughs along the way. And these kiddos seriously are the BEST listeners!! They were so good at following directions for the posed photos we did, it was amazing!! Their beautiful little smiles shone through these photos!! And of course we couldn't leave out the newest addition...their sweet rescue pup! He was a natural!

I asked Jeff and Liz if they wanted some photos of just the two of them. She said that she couldn't remember when they last had a professional photo together (besides their wedding)! I absolutely LOVE snapping a few of the moms and dads. Liz looked so beautiful. She has a natural glow to her and a smile so genuine that she lights up the room! I coached them into some poses and told them "these will feel weird but look so good!". And this couple did not disappoint!! I hope to see this one on their wall someday!

I LOVED spending time with this sweet, sweet family!! I hope to keep up with them as their beautiful children grow. They definitely don't get much cuter than this!! Quinn and Jameson were the sweetest, kindest kids during the whole session and I can't wait to see them again!