July 15, 2022

Thinking Beyond the Digitals

Digitals or Prints?

When you have a photo session, you might be thinking it's the norm to just get the digitals. I mean, technology improves everyday so digitals are the latest and greatest way to keep your new memories, right? Digitals are important and are an easy way to see all of your images via phone or computer. But are you going to open that folder everyday and view them? Probably not.

That's why this year I have shifted my business in a new direction. I still offer digitals but to offer my clients the best experience, I also offer prints and wall art in the form of mounted prints and canvases. I also offer albums and other collectibles like a wood accordion (which are my personal favorites). Now clients can see their memories in a tangible form while enjoying the comforts of home. Have you had a family session and want to hang a 16x20 canvas in your family room? Did your high school senior go off to college and you see his or her face on a mounted print and it makes you smile as you walk down your hallway?

Let Me Take the Guesswork Out of It...

When you book with me, we have a consultation after your session. You get to see your photos for the first time via slide show. After picking your favorites, we review the products and wall art that will best fit the spaces in your home. Do you spend a lot of time in your family room together? A coffee table album might be the perfect addition. We love paging through our albums. Just this morning, we looked through our memories of Disney at the breakfast table. You can send me photos of your rooms & walls and we can discuss together what best suits your style! I make sure before ordering that the the wall art is perfectly cropped, centered and colored and the album design is exactly what you want! And if you have had a session last year, before I offered these specialty items, I still have your galleries and you are more than welcome to reach out to me if you'd like to add anything!

Memories are Forever...

As we enjoy the lazy (sometimes crazy) days of summer, it makes me realize how fast time goes. I can't believe we have a rising 4th grader and our youngest is going into kindergarten. I'm so grateful for the the photos of the boys growing up that are displayed in our home. Some are from beach trips to our favorite place, Treasure Island. Some are from the holidays and others are from Michigan. We recently took a trip to lake Erie, and for once, they didn't complain about having photos taken (if you know my children, it's a miracle when they cooperate!) The first thing I did after editing the photos was order prints. We love to do creative things together. For example, beach glass is a popular thing to search for and the boys found enough that we can glue the pieces to a wooden cluster frame that holds 4x6 prints. It's a memory that we will always hold onto. In past trips to Lake Michigan, they are so happy to scan the beach for colored pebbles. From Florida, we brought home our favorite shells and now they hang on our cluster frame as well. We get to look at our memories every day and they are always reminiscing about their treasures.

Create Memories and Hold Onto Them Tight...

Whatever your idea is for the perfect family or high school senior session, I am here to help you plan from the moment you contact me! I will help bring your vision to life, and creative, timeless prints to your walls. I can't wait to share these moments with you!! I am now booking into the end of summer and early fall for families and seniors...it's my absolute FAVORITE time to do sessions! Click the link below to contact me to schedule!