August 3, 2021

Tips for an Amazing Portrait Session!

Let's Have Some Fun!

As we head into the final weeks of summer (I CAN'T believe how fast it has gone so far!) I wanted to throw a few tips out there before heading full swing into senior photos, Sunflower Minis, fall minis and Christmas mini sessions.

Portrait sessions can be so stressful from deciding what to wear, wondering if your littles will cooperate, location, weather etc. I am here to tell you that it does not have to be difficult! In fact, when you book a session with me, I send you a PDF of my "Client Experience Guide" and it outlines why I choose locations and certain times of day. I give you suggestions of how to choose outfits that will flatter everyone and even tips on how to make it fun with small kids! Seniors not sure what to expect for your session? It's all covered in a separate guide JUST for you!

Before the Session...

I have carefully designed my Client Experience Guide to provide you with the best education BEFORE your session to take all of the guesswork out of it. You have enough to worry about in life, so I want to make your photos a fun and enjoyable experience! The best way I can do that is to prepare you for what to expect. When you inquire, I will send out a questionnaire to get to know you and your family a bit better (if we haven't met before). After you book, I will send out the guide so you have time to review it and plan. Because life is crazy busy sometimes, about a week before the session, you will get an email with the location reminder and your time to arrive.

During the Session...

On the day of the session, your job is to have fun!! I am fully prepared to pose you and your family with easy instructions to get the best shots and the best laughs. We will get some posed photos as well as plenty of candids of you just being yourselves and the laughs you will have! If you have little kids that have never been in front of a camera, we will spend a few minutes just "warming up" so that they feel comfortable. Kids usually think it's fun to see themselves in the back of my camera and I am happy to show them! My best piece of advice is to just have FUN and live in the moment while we are there! If it's a family session, kids can definitely sense stress so my best piece of advice is to just try to roll with the punches. I remember some stressful moments when having our family photos done. But now I try to relax and even the boys will say months later "remember when were were getting pictures and XXX happened?" and then they laugh!! If you read my blog post from last Christmas, we were dressed and ready to go to the Christmas tree farm. Ethan happened to fall and scrape his face right before getting into the car. I'm pretty sure no one in my family is forgetting those photos!

After the session...

As our session comes to an end, I will let you know when to expect your photos. You will receive an email with directions on easy downloading, sharing and printing. I am also available to help you decide what to do with those photos with all of your new options! Speaking from personal experience over the last few years, prepare to never have empty walls again!! I also love creating albums of your's all up to you!

Last minute tips...

  • When choosing outfits, think "coordinating" instead of "matchy matchy." This is explained more in my guide.
  • Bring snacks for kids. They can be used for bribes and rewards! I have no shame!
  • For seniors- bring along mom, dad or a friend to help carry your outfits and props. Also pack a small bag with extra personal items like makeup touchups for the girls. I will bring a small mirror and some hairpins and laundry stick for those quick fix moments.
  • Have FUN making these memories!! When you look at the photos hanging on your walls, you will want to remember a joyful time! I don't have to tell you how fast time flies...nothing brings me more happiness than seeing our smiles from each passing year and noticing the growth in our boys.

I can't wait to see you this fall!!!